Thursday, February 3, 2011

SPDispose Check utility - Integrate with Visual Studio 2010

SPDisposeCheck utility checks whether you have disposed the unmanaged SPSite and SPWeb objects correctly or not. Its a tool that every SharePoint developer needs to have integrated in their Visual Studio boxes.

I have prepared a list of Best Practices for Disposing SharePoint objects:

Guidelines to integrate SPDisposeCheck with Visual Studio Solution:

1. Download the SPDisposeCheck.exe utility from:

2. Open your Visual Studio environment and follow the steps as specified:
a. Go to Tools -> External Tools -> Add
b. Enter Title as SPDisposeCheck
c. Command : C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\SharePoint Dispose Check\SPDisposeCheck.exe
d. Arguments : $(TargetName)$(TargetExt)
e. Initial Directory : $(TargetDir)
f. Check mark the Output window checkbox and
g. Click on the Ok button

See snapshot below:

3. Open your Visual Studio solution project and Build it.

4. Select Tools -> SPDisposeCheck:

5. Open the Output window and you should be able to see a set of messages like this:

6. It also shows up the errors in the Visual Studio Error Messages section as follows:

7. You can even configure additional SPDispose Check settings within Visual Studio 2010 by selecting "SharePointDispose Check" link under Tools, see snapshot below:

Let me know if it helps.