Sunday, March 7, 2010

Enable Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in SharePoint 2010

Upcoming Posts: Have not been regular with my blogging in the last month, did lots of R&D on the InfoPath 2007 browser enabled forms and Form services, my future posts will be in the following areas:

A) Multi-select List Items in a browser enabled InfoPath form, which was earlier thought not to be possible with Form Services, stay tuned for that post.

B) Cascading dropdowns using code-behind InfoPath solution and owssvr.dll for dynamic filtering within the dropdowns using XML.

Coming back to Forms Based Authentication, here is a nice step-by-step tutorial, I found on Enabling Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010:

For enabling FBA on SharePoint 2007, refer:

Stay tuned for my interesting hacks on InfoPath 2007. Till then Happy Programming :)