Friday, May 1, 2009

Configure Sharepoint Server Farm Topology

There a several ways, a user can configure Sharepoint farm topology, for two primary reasons, i.e performance and availability.

The key to achieve both performance and availability is redundancy. By redundancy, i mean having identical server farms in order to swap between the farms either using network load balancing software or hardware such as a router or a switch box.

Here are some interesting topologies that one can implement for performance, availability and scalability.

a) Single Server farm: In this topology, you have everything under one box as explained in the diagram below: b) Two server farm: This is the most recommended approach in general situations

Server 1 : Web Server and Search server
Server 2 : A dedicated SQL Content database server
c) Four server farm : This topology brings in some redundancy to the table.

Servers 1 and 2 are webservers with a search server configured with any one web server
Servers 3 and 4 are Clustered or mirrored content SQL database servers for high availability
d) Five Server Farm: This adds a middle tier layer.
Servers 1 and 2 are webservers
Server 3 : A dedicated search server
Servers 4 and 5 are Clustered or mirrored content SQL database servers for high availability

e) Three server farm: Choose the below mentioned topology when performance is more important than availability. If your focus is on availability as well, reduce the web server and add an additional SQL content database server as mentioned in the diagram below: Choose any of the above topology that best fits for your organizational need, scale/magnitude of your application, number of users and most importantly how critical is the availability of your sharepoint application for your business and end users.

Source: Technet


  1. Hi All

    We are using the below STSADM commands in our project on MOSS 2007. Now we are trying to use SharePoint 2010.We know that the below commands have been removed from sharepoint 2010. I would like to know alternate STSADM commands in SharePoint 2010. We are not able to find suitable power shell commands for the below STSADM cmds.

    1. stsadm -o createwebapp -adminurl http://HostName:CentralAdminPortNo -url http://portal.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3112 -port 3112 -name portal.FullyQualifiedDomainName -description portal.FullyQualifiedDomainName -template SPSPORTAL#0 -user Domain Name\Administrator -password ***** -email
    2. stsadm -o createwebapp -adminurl http://HostName:CentralAdminPortNo -url http://ssp.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3310 -port 3310 -name ssp.FullyQualifiedDomainName -description ssp.FullyQualifiedDomainName -user HostName\Administrator -password ****** -email
    3. STSADM -o osearch -action start -f -role IndexQuery -farmcontactemail -farmserviceaccount DomainName\Administrator -farmservicepassword PASSWORDTEST -defaultindexlocation "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Data\Office Server\OSSIndex"
    4. STSADM -o deploysolution -name RIC.wsp -url http://winportal.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3110 -allowgacdeployment -immediate –force
    5. STSADM -o addlistitems -url http://winportal.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3110/sites/projects -listname "RssFeedContent" -column1name URL -column1value " /new-neuf/events-activites_e.rss"
    6. STSADM -o adduserprofileproperty -url http://ssp.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3310/ssp/admin
    7. STSADM -o createmeetpeoplejob -url http://ssp.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3310/ssp/admin
    8. STSADM -o gl-setsspacl -sspname "ssp.FullyQualifiedDomainName" -rights All -user FBA_AspNetSqlRoleProvider:researcher
    9. stsadm -o fixurls -url http://admin.FullyQualifiedDomainName:3210
    Advance thanks for your help.

  2. Check out the below website, dmitry has around 492 listed..