Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sharepoint List/Library Permissions - A new utility on Codeplex

Recently, I released my own utility on CodePlex, it is known as Sharepoint List Security Manager.

It addresses the inherent permission issue of Sharepoint Document Library, where two contributors are able to edit/delete each others document.

I personally faced this issue, while I was developing a Knowledge Base Portal, we were dealing with a lot of document libraries in this project, but unlike Lists, there was no OOTB way to set who should Read or Edit documents within the library.

Sharepoint Lists have this built-in mechanism in place OOTB, so when you go to List Settings -> Advanced Settings you can set this permission, but the same is missing for a Document Library.

I made a generic tool to set these permissions for any list/library on your server farm.

The utility allows you to set
List/Library Read permissions to: a) Everyone b) Only Author
Write permissions to: a) Everyone b) Only Author c) None

The utility is developed using Windows Forms in C#, it is very intuitive and user-friendly. You can download this from CodePlex, available here:


  1. sounds nice.
    can you publish a screenshot?

  2. Hi Mehul,
    while reading Andrew Connel's email and other resources I came across your blog. It seems that you are doing lot of stuff in SharePoint platform. I am here in USA and work on same platform and doing lot of custome developement in Infopath Froms,Workflows,
    WebService,as well customization through SPD.If you want you we can remain in touch through email contact( and when i come to Bombay(I am from there) we can touchbase personally.

  3. Hi Mehul,
    Sorry for using this method but I'm desperate:

    I want connect a "Current User Filter Web Part" or "UserContextFilter Web Part" to a Data View Web Part.

    If I filter by the user name, it's ok but when I try filter by another value in the current user's SharePoint profile the list box is empty.

    (I have several properties that have a privacy policy of Everyone)

    Can you help?

  4. Thanks for the solution Mehul,

    Could you extend it to include anonymous access too?

  5. Hi Bharat,

    Nice to know about you, we shall definitely meet up once you are back in india and share our sharepoint concepts...

  6. Hi Mehul,

    I've tried your utility but it seems to me that the management of Write Access on Document Library doesn't work: if I set it to "Users can modify only items that they create" every user with write access to the library can still modify every document.


  7. HI Fabrizio,

    You are right, even though this utility updates the tp_WriteSecurity in the Content database for the particular document library, it still allows users with contribute access to modify/edit each others documents, it is a defect with Microsoft Sharepoint and have already raised a concern about this to the technical support team.

    Well, will try to fix this up with them....Thanks...

  8. Hi Mehul

    Have you an update fo fix the problem with the management of write access. I've installed your utility today, but I've got the same testresult as Fabrizio

    Best regards


  9. Very nice tool, thank you.

    I've tried using your tool on a picture library. The read only their own permissions work excellent. Edit only their own or edit none does not seam to work.

  10. Ya, this seems to be a problem with MOSS, and is an inherent bug in the utility.

  11. It seems not working on document library. I assigned two contributors to a library and they can still delete or modify each other's document.
    I also used code to change the WriteSecurity to 2 and it doesn't prevent contributors to delete other's documents.

  12. The same problem is faced by everybody, it seems to be an inherent problem with MOSS, they seem to have a bug in their software, i guess. Can somebody report it please...

  13. Hi Mehul - Will this feture work for Active directory groups rather than users.My requirement user can be more than one group ,so event posted by one group shuld be visible for the user whose belongs to this group aswell other group

  14. Hi Saritha,

    This would work for Active Directory Groups, the concept is the same both for users and groups.

    But my current utility has a different problem. It is Microsoft's bug for document library where it does not allow Item level permissions updates for both users and groups unlike SharePoint Lists.

  15. Thanks for creating this. Can you add an option to delete all the users from the list?

  16. Hi Mehul,

    Are you planning to release this utility for Office 365 SharePoint any time soon?