Monday, June 23, 2008

Lotus to Sharepoint migration experience

I am currently writing a Research paper on Notes to MOSS migration. My experiences with Quest's Notes Migrator for Sharepoint (NMSP) tool have been fabulous.

I am in no mood to boast Quest nor do i work for them, but i found the tool to be extremely worthy for professional migration projects as it guarantees 100% fidelity of data. I was even able to migrate Lotus Notes Smart suite library to Sharepoint, which contains multiple Content types.

It not only supports Team Room migrations, but also Quick Place and Domino.doc migrations as well...Apart from that it also supports Notes to InfoPath forms migrations.

I am following a step-by-step planned approach and confident that i will complete my research project in a phased manner. But believe me planning for migration is a huge elephant in itself, needs to eaten one spoon at a time.

I have been following Steve Walch's blog for quite some time now, he is the Product manager for NMSP at Quest.

A must read blog to gain good insight on Notes to Sharepoint migration projects...