Monday, June 23, 2008

Lotus to Sharepoint migration experience

I am currently writing a Research paper on Notes to MOSS migration. My experiences with Quest's Notes Migrator for Sharepoint (NMSP) tool have been fabulous.

I am in no mood to boast Quest nor do i work for them, but i found the tool to be extremely worthy for professional migration projects as it guarantees 100% fidelity of data. I was even able to migrate Lotus Notes Smart suite library to Sharepoint, which contains multiple Content types.

It not only supports Team Room migrations, but also Quick Place and Domino.doc migrations as well...Apart from that it also supports Notes to InfoPath forms migrations.

I am following a step-by-step planned approach and confident that i will complete my research project in a phased manner. But believe me planning for migration is a huge elephant in itself, needs to eaten one spoon at a time.

I have been following Steve Walch's blog for quite some time now, he is the Product manager for NMSP at Quest.

A must read blog to gain good insight on Notes to Sharepoint migration projects...


  1. Hello,

    Do u have any document/PDF/PPT which shows migration approach, migration process?

  2. Hi Mickey,

    When you download Microsoft Transporter suite or Quest Notes migrator for Sharepoint, you also need to download the Guidelines document that comes alongwith, it contains pretty clear and concise instructions on how to migrate data from Notes to Sharepoint using the above mentioned tools, I think Quest;s NMSP is a better choice, with good documentation and case studies..

  3. Hi Mehul ,
    Would you please share some thoughts on trouble shooting on migrations? What are your finding and do's and don't for the Migration.


  4. Hi ,
    All the best for your reserch work.
    Could you please through a light on what is not possible by quest for the lotus notes database ? or do you have any document which shows the diffrent strength of Quest and Transporter?

  5. Hi mehul ,
    Do you have any idea that if we are using Java or Ajex in the domino , Is it going to effect some thing on the migration Plan ?

  6. Hi,

    If you are using Java/AJAX in your Lotus Domino Applications, they would be user interfaces/screens/forms, which you may have to anyways rebuild in Share point either using .NET or Infopath forms, Quests Notes Migrator for Sharepoint has a built in feature to migrate domino applications to Infopath forms, you need to check the effectiveness of the same, by downloading the trial version and actually test migrating a Domino application UI to infopath....

  7. Hi Mehul Bhuwa,
    I need to create a InfoPath form programatically. i.e., I dont want to design through MS InfoPath GUI. Could you please help me on this? Which way should I start and how? I think as you are familier with quest you know it. Please help me.

    Thank you,

  8. Why would you like to create an Infopath form programmatically?, however here is a link to do so:

    If you are using Quest Notes migrator for sharepoint v5.2, you can directly generate Infopath forms from Notes forms, although you may have to write validations, business logic etc in your forms, i think it is a good way to start, will definitely save some time of yours, for more info, see this article:

    I prefer using MS Infopath in the most ideal conditions, because it is built for developing your business process forms.

  9. Thank you bhuva,
    The link you give is to create InfoPath form (xml)
    I need to create InfoPath Form Template (XSN) programatically.
    Any suggestion Bhuva

  10. hello Mehul,
    Thanks for this wonderful blog, I would love to know of recent developments on the quest notes migrator to sharepoint with respect to the lotus domino workflows (highly customized using some java codes). would i still need nintex or it will do the application migration seamlessly with no need for extra software to complement it.